AI Consultancy

How we integrate AI in your business

Business challenges could be solved by AI with us.

AI Consultation

- Discover use cases in your own business
- Upskill and train your team

AI / ML Product Development

- Apps development (PoC / MVP)
- GPT Integration / Agents development
- GPT fine-tuning on your data

AI Marketing

- Social Media Content
- Automated emails
- Content & Image generation


- Operations, HR, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Customer engagement workflow automation with no-code.
- Browser tasks automations

Natural Language Processing

- Data Extraction
- Sentiment Analysis
- Topic Mining
- Text Annotation

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

- Chatbot development
- Q & A your own structured or unstructured data
- Knowledge retrieval and RAG

Fields of expertise


Automatize your full social media campaign from content  ideation, generation, plan, execution and monitoring.

Use Gen-AI for marketing content and extract instant insights from your data in natural language.

Customer Service

Chatbots to help customer engagement.

Transform customer request into structured data action and get automatically executed 

Data Q & A

Provide self-analytics tools to your non-technical users by letting them use natural language and get the instant results.

Use all your structured and non-structured data.


Let Gen-AI write customized sales emails/messages on social networks for higher conversion rates and let AI monitor the performance. 


A smart chatbot able to answer any employee question based on your own documents, processes and policies to accelerate onboarding. 

Match the CVs with job descriptions using Gen-AI, get the top candidates for each role and save tons of time.


Let Gen-AI be your personal assistant to automatically extract data from invoices (PDF, JPEG,etc) and automate the calculations.

Ask queries in natural language using your mobile phone.

Your roadmap for AI integration

1. Initial consultation

Understand your goals and challenges. Our experts will interview key stakeholders, conduct workshops, audit data, infrastructure and current workflows to identify areas where AI can add value.

2. solution design and planning

Our team propose a customized solution. We deliver a detailed strategic plan including technical specifications, timeline, resources required, milestones and expected ROI of the project.

3. Development and integration

Our team of experts: data engineers, data scientist, machine learning engineers will create the Proof of Concept. Once it is approved we start the development / integration process using an Agile methodology. You will be always closely involved in all development.

4. testing, deployment and support

Exhaustive testing is performed to ensure the solution meets the expectations and seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and processes.

We also provide training and capacitation to get your team ready.