AI Program

Domitila Technologies’ online courses and program are built on five basic principles:

We teach AI and emergent technologies for social good

The core of our curriculum surrounds impacting society positively through AI, helping students to understand the key concepts underlying new technologies, analyze their surroundings and proposing how AI can help, all while recognizing the ethical concerns and societal impact of AI technologies.

Learning AI is fun

We emphasize on interactive exercises and developing critical thinking skills first, giving the opportunity to interact with current AI technologies in a fun way. Then, we focus on the technical learning.

Motivation-based Learning

We follow an approach that uses motivation-based learning techniques to give students a deeper understanding of how and why things work

Project-based learning

Students learn through exploring, learning, reflecting and applying knowledge to propose and implement AI projects with teammates. Thus, students also learn soft-skills such as problem solving, presentation techniques, leadership, and collaboration.

Knowledge was meant to be shared

The best way to learn is to teach, thus our courses are designed to facilitate the discussion and sharing knowledge between students and caregivers at home “Whanau time”. This way, we extend AI education to families and care about diversity and inclusion since encouragement and motivation starts at home.