AI Projects

Applying AI skills for the benefit of society

Our program includes the execution of AI projects to help students to solve problems of the real world. 

Following are some examples about encouraging students to analyze how they might be able to use AI to give back to community:

  • Home: students discuss, propose and implement projects to help elderly family members or friends with special needs.
  • Schools: students propose and develop smart applications to lead the innovation from and within the schools (e.g. chatbots, visual recognition for smart classrooms, etc.).
  • Communities: students will be encouraged to develop smart applications/tools to solve problems related to environment, social, health issues and become AI heroes.

Digital inclusion and developing AI talent everywhere

It is imperative that every kid has access and the opportunity to develop the skills needed to be successful in this new age of digital economy and intelligence. That is why, this initiative is specially interested to implement AI education in schools in rural areas, focus on students in low income families and students with special needs. 

The main goal of this initiative is not only helping students to acquire the technical skills to implement and apply AI but encourage them to analyse a situation, argue, evaluate consequences and create solutions to be prepared for a future where the awesome power of their minds will be the most valuable commodity!