The 'Power of AI' Quest for schools

The Power of AI quest is a 5 day program for school students to explore, learn and reflect about AI - what it is, how it works, main applications and how it can be applied for social good. The main goal is to give school students early exposure to AI technologies being developed for contemporary industries to inspire the next generation of AI leaders, innovators, researchers and professionals globally.

AI for social good

The core of our program surrounds impacting society positively through AI.

Learning AI is fun

Emphasizing interaction and experimentation in a fun way, touching topics that students like or care about it.

Project based learning

Via exploring, learning, reflecting and applying knowledge to propose projects with teammates.

Shared knowledge

Facilitating discussion and sharing knowledge between students and family members at home.

A joint effort with our partner

Quest structure

Day 1:

Gently introduction to AI. School students are able to play/interact in real-time with the AI technology that is trying to understand human motion. Discover its main applications in dancing, sports, healthcare and reflect how this technology can be used for themselves.

Day 2:

Reflect about human intelligence and how we are teaching computers to learn. Discover that AI take different forms and robotics is only one of them. Meet a panel of AI experts to know about AI applications on real world.

Day 3:

Learn about the three main parts of AI - dataset, learning algorithm, prediction. Understand and reflect about the importance of data and how/what data they are generating to increase self-awareness and self-protection.

Day 4:

Discover how AI was inspired by nature, important people in AI and why it is on high demand now. Start working on creative projects in groups to send a message to the world about the importance of AI.

Day 5:

Recap of all learnings and reflections about AI technologies and how it is going to change the world. Finish and present creative work.

Getting started is easy

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